Raeesa Shaikh

Speech & Language Pathologist

Speech & Language Pathologist with a special interest in early intervention for children.

Raeesa works closely with families, using a family based approach to therapy as they are an integral part of the team.

She focuses on parent and teacher training to facilitate generalization of speech therapy goals in all contexts.

Her extensive training prioritizes patient-centered approaches, placing individuals at the heart of their own therapeutic journeys. Raeesa has further expanded her expertise through various postgraduate courses, focusing on the profound impact of building connections and employing play techniques to facilitate the development of effective communication skills in young children.

Additionally, she actively advocates for the cultivation of strong literacy skills in older children, recognizing their crucial role in enhancing academic progress and achievements.

Raeesa has successfully completed her Master’s degree, and specialises in –

▪️ Children who present with lisps, articulation errors, language delays, stuttering, developmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism and learning difficulties including problems with reading, writing and spelling.

▪️ Adults who may have suffered a stroke or brain injury often have deficits in conversational skills and feeding difficulties. Raeesa works closely with families to help restore function and achieve competence in these areas.

▪️ Online Zoom speech therapy sessions are available for those who require this.

▪️ If you would like to know more about Speech Therapy contact Raeesa.

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Speech & Language Pathologist

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